More Beauty Freebies? Yes Please!

September 30, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I wouldn't call myself a beauty junkie. I'm pretty loyal to the brands I love and often try products based off recommendations from family and friends. 

Today I found these free samples, I said hey, why not! Anybody else in  ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿพ

1. SheaMoisture 

There are many samples available according to your solution. I selected Natural Hair and was linked to...


"SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo is a sulfate free, clarifying cleanser which nourishes and protects damaged, processed hair to make your curls and coils healthier, softer and shinier than before!

This gentle hair care treatment from SheaMoisture is infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil rich in reparative omegas. Damaged hair, prone to breakage and shedding need nourishing reparative omegas to rebuild strength and volume. Certified organic Shea Butter blended into this unique formulation provides hydrating nourishment to unmanageable, brittle hair and makes your curls look and feel softer, smoother and healthier! Natural ingredients like Peppermint and Apple Cider Vinegar invigorate hair scalp to promote hair growth which adds definition and volume to dull, lifeless curls and coils.

SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo is a gentle, color safe hair treatment which can be used on regularly styled and chemically treated hair to nourish and strengthen them. The way to stunning, shiny, bouncy curls and coils was never this easy!"

Daytona Beach, FL, USA

Daytona Moms, Grab Your Shopping Buddy -- Tanger Outlets Opens November 18th!

September 29, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Photo taken of Tanger Outlet today while on 95 North

10 Hilarious Mom Cartoons We Can Relate To

September 28, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I know sometimes we get caught in the whirlwind of parenting and motherhood, so here's a few cartoons I've found to remind us not to cry, sweat or fury. We're not alone. It's life, let's make it the best life!

A special bravo to all the artists, God bless them for the talent of adding laughter and entertainment to the world, for moms.

by Cathy Thorne via

Ormond Beach, FL, USA

Fall Fun In Florida

September 27, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Andy Romano Beachfront Park & Chicken Salad Chick

Bedtime Hair Routine

September 26, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

3 Things You Can't Forget

Enjoy the Perfect Bun Makers

September 22, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Enjoy the Perfect Bun Makers

How Do You Show Love? Happy International Day of Peace!

September 21, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Happy International Day of Peace

3 Ways Honey Helps Our Hair

Honey is such a thick substance, it's a given that it's a great conditioning treatment for our hair. But how?

The Mom Bun, It's Not A Bad Thing

September 19, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

September 18, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Her Edges -- Perfect. Mines -- Not So Much. Edge Control: Which One Doesn't Appear Greasy?

September 17, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I rarely wear my hair without hair extensions. (I've been growing my hair from a previous shortcut hairstyle) Currently I'm wearing my hair in a style that does not match the texture of my own hair. Because of this, I use edge control on the edges of my hair so my hair will blend with my extensions

Frankly, I can't wait to switch my hairstyle back to curly so I can have a seamless look and enjoy my natural hair blending with my curly extensions. Shout out to this beautiful mama who has the right idea, "free the edges"

See more of her fabulous pictures, videos and tutorials on Instagram and YouTube

Naptural85 on Instagram

Moms I Love Following On Instagram

September 16, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Moms I Love Following On Instagram

I love to connect with inspiration and passion among women! Especially when you can tell that they're just not talking or posting pictures, they're living it -- that's the most beautiful lesson! 

Here are some moms who are a definite must-follow from their pictures, videos (don't you just love Instagram Stories) and content they share, from their personal blog to events.

Heather Lindsey via

21 Last Minute Hairstyles

September 15, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

21 Last Minute Hairstyles For Mom Life

Basic Hair Tools You Can't Live Without

September 14, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

These are the Basics of Hair Styling

The #1 Protective Style For Kinky, Curly & Coily Hair

September 13, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

The Twist Out

by Amber Janielle

4 Raw Ingredients We Can Use For Our Hair

September 12, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

4 Raw Ingredients We Can Use For Our Hair


5 Gorgeous Braid Styles For Fine Hair

September 7, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Braids are my absolute favorite wake up and go style! Here's 5 braids styles by beautiful moms with fine or straight hair!

Half-Up Crown Braid by Ariba Pervaiz
1. Boho Style, Chunky Crown Braid and braided head band with tousled waves created with a 2 mm curling wand 

Ariba shows us how to create volume, texture, curls and braids all in one video with this gorgeous hairstyle! She even features her pretty princess at the end with fun lipstick!

Follow her for more inspiration on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

2. French Braid Style, Fishtail Braids on short hair with loose curls

Fishtail Braids by Missy Sue
Missy uses a small section in the front and tucks it under her hair, adding volume and flare to her style!

This beautiful mother is prominent in beauty and braids This is one of her many braid tutorials! She's a must-follow! Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Half Dutch, Half Fishtail, to the side with long straight hair

Half Dutch, Half Fishtail by Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie's styles are simply gorgeous and she gives braids a fresh look and creates easy tutorials to follow!

Get her step-by-step tutorial here

Follow her for more beautiful inspiration on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

4. Top Knot with Single Braid
Top Knot and Single Braid by Christina
Christina's styles are simply gorgeous! Her fringe bang and middle knot bun are perfect for moms who love simple and sweet.

Follow her for more inspiration on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

5. Front Single Braid, tucked to side with soft waves

Single Braid by Taylor Brandenburg
Long hair sometimes gets in the way, this style gets your hair out of your face and adds a cute alternative to curls alone.

Follow Taylor for beautiful inspiration in hair and fashion on Facebook and Instagram

Get ready, start -- braid!

3 Steps For Great Hair

September 6, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

If I only had 10 minutes to talk with you, here's the advice I would pass on. 

A lot of women misconstrue great hair as an ideal style, color or texture. However, there isn't a single description or image of what great hair should look like. A lot of the time we get caught up in the limelight of each hair trend or hairstyle debut. We must remember that what really happens is that we have fell in love with the person, their platform and it illuminates their style. Now if we see ourselves in those same eyes, we'll see that no matter how we wear our hair -- it is great hair! Here's the main things to remember.

Step 1: Define You

This may be easier said than done. If we don't pay close attention, like really close, we may be reflecting our self image from someone else. We look around and see the women we adore and covet their lifestyle, possessions or hair alone and neglect to see our self. We have to set ourselves apart from the world and truly define what makes us happy and what ignites our passion. What has you skipping out on sleep and fueled on joy and excitement? This is you. This defines who you are.

Step 2: Decide what makes you comfortable

I love when women make a statement with their hair. Sometimes our choice of style represents a transition we're going through, a new beginning or simply a way of expressing our current state of mind. For example, choosing to cut your hair into a shortstyle or pixie cut is often associated with exhilaration -- the notion of cutting yourself from the attachment of your hair, symbolic with your present life. The thing is, you must be careful and with fair reason that whatever style you chose, you are comfortable and confident in every aspect. You don't want your hair to give you a reason to shy away and not be you.

Step 3: Know what your hair necessities are

How many of us know exactly what type of hair we have? Do you know the category of your hair's texture, its current condition and how it should be treated? The more you know about your hair, the better decisions you make in your choice of hair products, styling tools and accessories like hair pins and hair ties. The more you know about your hair, you'll discover the styles and treatments that are best for you. Healthy hair permits ease of maintenance and ultimately effortless style!


Apply these 3 steps and I assure you great hair will greet you daily each morning. You'll never question if your hair looks good because you know you, you are in your comfort zone and even better -- know what works for your hair. Talk about confidence all around!

Cheers to great hair!

5 Easy Hairstyles On Old Flexi Rod Set by Alvia Jay

September 3, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Old flexi rod set? No excuses!

Products used include ECO Style Styling Gel with Olive Oil

I've introduced this gorgeous mom on Instagram, who rocks her curly textured hair beautifully! Follow her on Instagram and subscribe now to her YouTube #hairformoms

Beauty Freebies Any Mom Would Love

September 1, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

There's always new beauty products offering better experiences for women. Here are some samples I've come across that would be great for any moms looking for something new (and free).

Nivea In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
According to Nivea, "NIVEA In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is specially formulated to intensely nourish normal to dry skin. When applied in the shower, the result is irresistibly soft skin, which is left feeling indulged without any stickiness so you can dress immediately with 24 hour moisturisation." 

The concept sounds great! A better experience with moisturizing your skin while it is wet, giving lasting results.

Get yours here ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ

Aveda Invati 3 Step System

Aveda offers, "97% naturally derived* invati™ solutions for thinning hair. Reduce hair loss by 33%** to keep the hair you have longer. For best results, use the 3-step system..."

Thinning hair is a problem among all hair types. This is worth the try with its ingredients like, "ginseng and certified organic turmeric".  

Get yours here ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ

L'Orรฉal Paris Advanced Haircare

L'Orรฉal tailored products include, "Extraordinary Oil with Oil Complex – Coconut, Argan, Chamomile, Amla, Soja, and Sunflower."

Using oil for dry hair is a no-brainer. Select your hair type and discover their array of products and solutions.

Get yours here ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ


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