Moms I Love Following On Instagram

September 16, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Moms I Love Following On Instagram

I love to connect with inspiration and passion among women! Especially when you can tell that they're just not talking or posting pictures, they're living it -- that's the most beautiful lesson! 

Here are some moms who are a definite must-follow from their pictures, videos (don't you just love Instagram Stories) and content they share, from their personal blog to events.

Heather Lindsey via

1. Heather Lindsey @heatherllove

She's a wife, mother of 2, a first lady, a non profit organization owner, an online boutique owner, author and international speaker -- all while being a vegetarian living, breastfeeding, mom on fire for Jesus Christ! Whew! God bless her -- such an inspiration and motivation!

Hair: Bright and blonde -- I just love the textured waves she's been wearing lately!

2. Ashlee Proffitt @ashleeproffitt

I completely adore her beautiful family! One Sunday, I saw her post on my timeline with her husband and two older boys and a baby girl and I was thrilled! (We have 2 older boys and a baby girl!) Then, I learned he was a Pastor and i'm like "come on, this is wonderful!" Ashlee is also a wife of a Pastor and an amazing entrepreneur. She helps women build brands with coaching and amazing content! See here. But besides her gorgeous Instagram gallery, I connected with her Instagram Stories. I really enjoy watching her clips of family time and random tips on things she uses like a budgeting app called Good Budget. Her bright color scheme and genuine smiles are a refresher to see! 

Hair: Long blonde tresses, with soft waves and curls! Gorgeous all season long!

3. Lauren Maillian @laurenmaillian

I'm not sure how I got connected with Lauren's page, but i'm sure glad I did! I was even more excited to see her on the entrepreneur reality show, Quit Your Day Job! How cool is it too see someone you follow on Instagram unexpectedly! What I love most about following her is her open testimony of sharing her journey of motherhood with her beautiful children. She's a boss mom, traveling, advising and just making it look all so beautiful! She shows there are no limits!

Hair: She owns this bob, it's her signature style and I love it!

4. Gretchen Saffles @lifelivedbeautifully

Now if you are moved by beautiful words, art and the word of God, Gretchen is such a delicate powerhouse! I say delicate because her doodles, script and artwork are so delicate, feminine and beautiful. The fact that she spends intentional time reading, writing and creating beautiful images is so inspiring! Stop by her shop here.

Hair: I love her dark mid length hair! Such effortless beauty!

5. Folake Huntoon @stylepantry

I have to be completely honest. The first place I followed Folake Huntoon was on Facebook. Her style is unmatched and the true definition of goals. (Because of my height, I love long apparel -- maxi dresses, high waist pants and midi skirts!) She's a class act!

Hair: Big, voluminous curls! Yes and yes!

Who are the moms that inspire you? Share below, start the discussion! 

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