21 Last Minute Hairstyles

September 15, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

21 Last Minute Hairstyles For Mom Life

1. Top Knot

The top knot is quickly becoming a favorite style and even referred as the "mom bun" because it is a seamlessly quick hairstyle that doesn't require precision, smoothing or even combing for that matter. The top knot can be finger combed loosely into a ponytail, secured with a ponytail holder before or after twist the hair around until all of the hair is wrapped and tucked inside of the ponytail holder.

2. Low Bun

You can use a bun shaper or roll together two socks to create the perfect donut bun. Simply secure hair in a low ponytail, pull ponytail through your donut shaper, comb over hair outward in all directions to completely cover the donut shaper, place another ponytail holder over hair and donut shaper to secure. Roll or tuck and pin ends of hair.

3. Low Ponytail

My grandmother had a saying to keep your hair in a neat ponytail. Brush back, add water or your favorite smoothing product, brush again, secure with ponytail holder -- go.

4. High Ponytail

Same directions above, however you may need to use extra water or hair product in the back because hair tends to be shorter in the back, leaving straggling pieces. 

5. Side Ponytail

A great way to have hair on your shoulders without hair all over.

6. Ponytail w/ Hump

Section off the top-middle of your hair. Secure the rest of your hair in a mid ponytail, comb remaining hair up, then place hand behind hair, pull hair over hand with your other hand and tuck the end in ponytail. Use 2 to 4 bobby pins to secure ends in ponytail and brush sides of hump to shape for style.

7. Wet & Go

Put water into a spray bottle. Brush hair, mist hair with water, finger comb and go.

8. Crown Twist

9. Crown Braid

Instead of twists, use single braids and wrap around and secure as seen above.

10. Braided Ponytail

Secure hair in low ponytail and braid it. Secure end with a rubber band or small elastic tie.

11. Braided Bun

Place hair in a low ponytail. Braid two single braids in ponytail and wrap the braids one at a time in opposite directions and secure with 3 to 6 bobby pins.

12. Faux Kinky Bun

Place hair in a top or low bun. Use braiding hair extensions or curly human hair extensions to wrap around bun and secure. Twist extensions into a bun and secure with 2 to 4 bobby pins.

13. FroHawk

Use your favorite gel, moisturizer, pomade or etc on sides of hair. Brush sides towards the middle and secure with bobby pins at middle. Do this until all of your hair is pushed towards the middle for the hawk style. For a detailed mohawk, check out this mom below.

14. Headband

Brush hair straight back and rock your favorite headband.

15. Quick Curl

Comb hair down and curl 2 big sections of hair on both sides and in back. Or place hair in a high ponytail and curl 6 sections of hair. Release ponytail and add holding hairspray for hold.

16. Flat Iron Touch Up

Brush and comb hair down. Quickly pass through hair with flat iron to smooth and straighten hair.

17. Afro

Add your favorite leave in conditioner, coconut oil or etc to hair and pick out hair until full.

18. Brush & Go

Use a ventilated brush to brush out your hair. Smooth a light oil onto hair and go.

19. Side Part

Comb hair with a wide tooth comb, place a side part in your hair. Smooth your hair with a light oil and go.

20. Middle Part

Place a middle part in your hair and comb down. Smooth hair with a light oil.

21. Off Center Part

Not center and not on the side, but right in between for a cute part, complete with combing.

Now off you go!

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