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October 9, 2017 by Unknown

Whether hair day is severely overdue and a turban will do the trick, it's my first day of fresh curls or day 6 of my routine displaying those perfect beachy waves, haircare is an important aspect of my life. I take the time to keep my hair healthy and hip. (Is 'hip' even a cool word nowadays? Who cares, I'm going with it!)

 My normal routine is pretty low maintenance. I make a lot of homemade all-natural products for my haircare, including dry shampoo and beachy wave hair spritzer. I've been able to cut hair spray out of my hair routine completely and train my hair to hold a decent curl for an extended period of time.

After washing my hair, I let it air dry and curl my hair with a simple curling rod, similar to this one.  It is pretty intense curls on day 1 but I just go with it. Before I go to bed that night, I'll brush out my hair and the next day I wake up to another nice day of curls. This process repeats for about 4-6 days and possibly by day 4 I might need to apply some dry shampoo to my roots. It took a while to train my hair to go that long without shampooing but now, my hair can go at least 6 days looking pretty dang decent.

And by Day 5, I've got those nice loose beachy waves that have the perfect bend to them. This routine makes it so that I only spend maybe once a week using a hot tool on my hair and allows for the natural oils of my hair to be present. I don't have the issue of overwashing either which can dry out the hair. It took some practice and patience to get in a hair routine but with 5 kids, homeschooling and businesses to run, I had to find a way to make it work for me.

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