3 Steps For Great Hair

September 6, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

If I only had 10 minutes to talk with you, here's the advice I would pass on. 

A lot of women misconstrue great hair as an ideal style, color or texture. However, there isn't a single description or image of what great hair should look like. A lot of the time we get caught up in the limelight of each hair trend or hairstyle debut. We must remember that what really happens is that we have fell in love with the person, their platform and it illuminates their style. Now if we see ourselves in those same eyes, we'll see that no matter how we wear our hair -- it is great hair! Here's the main things to remember.

Step 1: Define You

This may be easier said than done. If we don't pay close attention, like really close, we may be reflecting our self image from someone else. We look around and see the women we adore and covet their lifestyle, possessions or hair alone and neglect to see our self. We have to set ourselves apart from the world and truly define what makes us happy and what ignites our passion. What has you skipping out on sleep and fueled on joy and excitement? This is you. This defines who you are.

Step 2: Decide what makes you comfortable

I love when women make a statement with their hair. Sometimes our choice of style represents a transition we're going through, a new beginning or simply a way of expressing our current state of mind. For example, choosing to cut your hair into a shortstyle or pixie cut is often associated with exhilaration -- the notion of cutting yourself from the attachment of your hair, symbolic with your present life. The thing is, you must be careful and with fair reason that whatever style you chose, you are comfortable and confident in every aspect. You don't want your hair to give you a reason to shy away and not be you.

Step 3: Know what your hair necessities are

How many of us know exactly what type of hair we have? Do you know the category of your hair's texture, its current condition and how it should be treated? The more you know about your hair, the better decisions you make in your choice of hair products, styling tools and accessories like hair pins and hair ties. The more you know about your hair, you'll discover the styles and treatments that are best for you. Healthy hair permits ease of maintenance and ultimately effortless style!


Apply these 3 steps and I assure you great hair will greet you daily each morning. You'll never question if your hair looks good because you know you, you are in your comfort zone and even better -- know what works for your hair. Talk about confidence all around!

Cheers to great hair!

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