10 Funny Bad Hair Day GIFs

August 29, 2017 by Seymone Brutus

We've all had a bad hair day (and some of us months). Now let's laugh about it until next time. Here's 10 funny Bad Hair Day GIFs. Enjoy 😄

1. When your're at your wits end and want to cut it all off

2. When your stylist forgot you don't have a leave out 

3. In Florida's weather

4. When your hair refuses hairspray

5. When you ask for a bald head and come out with a full head of the style you didn't ask for 

6. When you embrace your damaged hair

7. When your curling iron doesn't help 

8. When your curls are defined on one side and flopped on the other

9. When you taste your hair after a long night of no hair bonnet 

10. When you told your stylist you want a long hairstyle and walk out with a bob 🤣

Share your bad hair day 😞💇😅 

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