Unruly hair get in line!

October 3, 2015 by Seymone Brutus

I always have a problem with my edges when dealing with Florida's humidity or at the start and end of every day. I've found that water and my boar bristle brush manage my edges temporarily, but I don't have to worry about a shiny forehead, white build up/residue or a flaky scalp. It's all about embracing your kinks and curls, right? 

Well... right and wrong. If you're rocking a kinky curly style, then go forth untamed! But if you have a straight or sleek style, it is important that your style blends effortlessly to give you the most natural hairline appearance between your own hair and extensions.

My stylist introduced me to the latest edge control rave among her fellow stylists and customers. The salon was down to the last jar and sold out! Have you heard about it?

It may be the introduced hype or the experience itself, but this product gave me amazing results for my edges! For two days, yes! Two days! My hair laid flat and remained shaped onto my leave-out that covered my wefts on my extensions.

I highly recommend this product and shopping at JCPenney for their current unbeatable price! Or get yours online! #BetterHairDays #LuvHerHair

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