5 Gorgeous Braid Styles For Fine Hair

September 7, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Braids are my absolute favorite wake up and go style! Here's 5 braids styles by beautiful moms with fine or straight hair!

Half-Up Crown Braid by Ariba Pervaiz
1. Boho Style, Chunky Crown Braid and braided head band with tousled waves created with a 2 mm curling wand 

Ariba shows us how to create volume, texture, curls and braids all in one video with this gorgeous hairstyle! She even features her pretty princess at the end with fun lipstick!

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2. French Braid Style, Fishtail Braids on short hair with loose curls

Fishtail Braids by Missy Sue
Missy uses a small section in the front and tucks it under her hair, adding volume and flare to her style!

This beautiful mother is prominent in beauty and braids This is one of her many braid tutorials! She's a must-follow! Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Half Dutch, Half Fishtail, to the side with long straight hair

Half Dutch, Half Fishtail by Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie's styles are simply gorgeous and she gives braids a fresh look and creates easy tutorials to follow!

Get her step-by-step tutorial here

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4. Top Knot with Single Braid
Top Knot and Single Braid by Christina
Christina's styles are simply gorgeous! Her fringe bang and middle knot bun are perfect for moms who love simple and sweet.

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5. Front Single Braid, tucked to side with soft waves

Single Braid by Taylor Brandenburg
Long hair sometimes gets in the way, this style gets your hair out of your face and adds a cute alternative to curls alone.

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Get ready, start -- braid!

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