10 Things I Would Tell A New Mom As A Mother Of 5

November 24, 2019 by Seymone Brutus

When I was pregnant with my firstborn in 2011 I was given so much advice and took on a lot of people's opinions. When I say take on, I mean I considered it and sometimes even discussed it with my husband. Over the years after having 5 wonderful blessings from God here's 10 things that I've learned that I wish I knew. If I would've known these things I would've confidently accepted advice and continue enjoying the rest of my day 😀.

1. Choosing to not put your child in daycare will not hinder their ability to be sociable. Keeping your children at home will not cause them to not know how to play with others.

Someone told me that keeping putting my son in daycare would help him be sociable. Well, my vibrant, outgoing son didn't fit that mold. He was and still is the happiest, most outgoing boy you'll meet. As a baby, he bounced, played and smiled at everyone. As of this day, he loves to dance, make people laugh and eager to answer questions! He's a bright sunray of joy!

2. Use cortisone for breakouts if it worked before for your child.

I've made numerous doctor visits for breakouts to be subscribed the same thing several times. From infant to big kid, cortisone has cleared arm and back breakout that appear as fine bumps and dry patches. After establishing a relationship with your doctor and knowing a history with your child, you can call your doctor's office and she/he will send a prescription over the phone/internet without an in-person appointment. Cortisone is also sold over the counter.

3. Your child doesn't have to participate because everyone else is.

My husband and I agreed that our children, toddlers at the time-- were not getting in a pool. Even with flotation devices, the answer no. There were times when family wanted to hold them in there lap in the water during vacation and while it wasn't easy to say no when everyone was waiting for me to say yes, it was the best decision I could've made. We established early on with our children that you don't go near the water unless you know how to swim. It is very serious and "we can lose you forever".

So instead, we allow them to play in sprinklers and splash parks. Presently I still pray over my children when I see water. Our oldest 2 boys have taken swimming lessons but still, have a lot left to learn.

Stick to your restrictions for your children!

4. Don't accept people's diagnoses.

It's true. All children are different. So much so, that each child grows, communicates and develops in their own unique way. We live in a culture where the school system teaches and accessed children broadly instead of individually. 

While enneagram tests are so popular now, I wonder when the education system in the U.S. will render test books, tests and curriculum according to it.

Don't rush your child's performance. Celebrate and nurture who they are and teach them what they're expected to know.

5. Enjoy every single second. Take it all in with all 5 senses.

It's true time FLIES! Sometime I can't even remember certain milestones for my children. Some days I look into my children's faces and look so amazed that they were once babies pushing out in my stomach and now they're telling me what they want to eat and where they want to go. It's so precious. So magical. And such a blessing!

Keep taking all the pictures and make sure you choose one dedicated cloud folder for your pictures. I have pictures on multiple platforms (Dropbox, Samsung, Google Photos and Shutterfly) but choose one to keep them all together and ready for photobooks.

6. Let them cook.

When I was a new mom I wouldn't let my baby (toddler) near the stove. But now instead of keeping my children away from danger like a hot stove, I let them do things that don't require a sharp knife. I keep a close look to make sure that they are not touching the stove or the pot. Now at young ages, they love making a fresh salad, pancakes, sandwiches and more! It paid off because my 7-year-old at the time made PB&J's for everyone when I needed a few more minutes of sleep.

7. Don't keep them away from the computer.

Yes, a computer or laptop is an expensive thing, but you must know we are in a tech-driven world. Let their little minds discover, maneuver and create! The paint app on Microsoft has dramatically changed from my childhood. They can learn so much!

8. Never make a big deal over accidents. Accept your baby's/toddler's/child's mistakes.

I am so proud and so thankful that our children are so comfortable to tell us everything. They have come home and hopped in the car and have told me some very uncomfortable and offensive things. And each time we were able to love on them, coach them, encourage them and tell them the truth. Imagine if they would've gone to someone else, or shared with one of their peers. They may not share the same principles as us and may even tell them the wrong thing to do! So it's important you establish a great communication relationship with your child.

9. Wash everything with sensitive laundry detergent.

Before I would was the baby's clothes only with Dreft. But our baby would still get breakouts. After washing everyone's clothes and all bedsheets and covers with Dreft or Free & Clear Purex, our sweet baby's face remained bump-free.

10. If you're breastfeeding, make water your best friend during your pregnancy and after having your sweet baby.

After my 3rd and 4th baby, I breastfed less and less. During my 4th pregnancy, my milk supply suddenly stopped. While previously breastfeeding my first 3 babies I had to put cabbage leaves in my bra to stop my milk supply. With my 5th baby, I'm loving water and it's steady flowing and keeping his belly full.

It gets hard drinking water during pregnancy because it sends you to the bathroom frequently on top of your baby being on your pelvis, but it's worth it to make it your routine and already being used to it.

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