How Do You Show Love? Happy International Day of Peace!

September 21, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Happy International Day of Peace

It is with great pleasure to share different ways we can show love to each other. Because we all know that love does not only grow hair, but promotes peace, love and unity among those unalike.

How Can We Show Love Today?

Spend time with a different culture other than your own.

When you spend time with different cultures you display your interest and love towards them. Those same feelings are reciprocated and unites cultures together. Remember, culture is not based on race. Different races can share the same culture of dress, music and etc. Try something you're not accustomed to.

Give to a charity you have not given to before.

There are hundreds of local charities in every city. Give not only money, but your time to take part in your community and be accountable for making a difference in your own backyard.

Share what you love on social media, not what you hate.

There are far too many critics on the internet. Imagine if we flooded the airways with peace and love. Social media has become apart of the fabric of our nation and has connected the world. It is now a credible source. Let's show one another what's incredible in our eyes and set the tone for peace and an ongoing love.

Ask your children what peace means to them.

What a great conversation starter to know your child(ren)'s understanding of peace. Everyone can discuss how they practice peace and how they will continue.

Pray for one another.

It may be a cliche to some, but prayer is a powerful way to bring about change and use the power of God to move in a mighty way. Peace among our nation is needed.

Make today the start of everyday -- be peaceful!

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