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When you're a busy mom, you look for things to keep your kids preoccupied. "Go read a book" or "Build something with your brother" quickly gets old, so I found some alternatives online that are great for fun and learning! Even my 6 month old loves the sing-song videos! I love to play them while I prepare meals and complete chores!

More recently, I was looking for a math game to match along with the math lessons I was doing with my 4 year old. We both loved completing the tasks, counting and playing the games together!

I'll continue to add more as we find things we love!

Share your favorite online videos and activities with us! 

Enjoy your day!

 PBS Kids Math

What a lovely video of the planets and facts for toddlers or kids!

Here's a wonderful website with detailed facts about the Solar System and a fascinating click through experience!

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