A Mama On A Mission To Make Room For Creating Beautiful Family and Life Moments

August 12, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

A mama on a mission to make room for creating beautiful family and life moments. 

I've recently found myself living by the words, "live less out of habit and more out of intent" and by doing so, I am learning to live purposefully and happily. This is a path towards patience and acceptance of change.

follow our adventures as we explore and more
from here to there, city to city.

me, j and our zwi. 

Photography by Deun Ivory 

There are times when we are pulled in many different directions of passion and family. I've had the pleasure to hear from Aspen about the path she chose and gain useful tips to care for children's hair and maintain my own.

1. What is your favorite day-to- day hairstyle?

I normally keep my hair straightened so my favorite go-to style for work and going out is wand curls. Nothing like big, full, bouncy soft curls. When my hair isn’t straightened, my favorite style is a low and chic slicked-back bun.

2. How would you describe the texture of your hair?

My texture is different throughout my head. The front is a looser 3C texture with a thicker 4A texture at the crown and back.

3. How do you maintain your hair overnight?

To minimize breakage, I tie a loose satin scarf around my hairline and protect the rest of my hair with a satin bonnet. If I forget my husband says, “you aren’t going to wear your bag?” haha!

4. Do you have a relaxer? If not what steps do you take to straighten your hair?

No I don’t have a relaxer. I big chopped the summer of 2011 and have not had a relaxer since the beginning of that year. To straighten my hair now, I braid/plait my hair after washing and let it airdry overnight before using a flat iron to straighten it. I used to blow dry it every week before straightening it but I am trying to control how much excess heat I use on my hair.

Photography by Deun Ivory
5. Twists, buns and loose spiral curls 😍 Where do you find the inspiration for your 

My hairstyles vary depending on the occasion, activity, place, etc. For special occasions, like annual family photos or weddings, I opt for easy braid styles or updos because there is something so elegant and feminine to me about wearing hair off the shoulders with loose tendrils. I am going on a trip in a few months and I am planning on wearing a long braided style for low maintenance from the beach to nightlife.

6. Do you have an ideal style or color for each season?

I normally go lighter in the summertime. I have warm highlights in through my hair now.

7. Do you use children hair products for your daughter's hair?

Yes. I just discovered a new favorite product for her. I wash with Eden Bodyworks Kids Coco Shea Berry Natural Detangling Shampoo and style with their Coco Shea Berry Curly Crème. Naturally made plus the products smell amazing! Other than that, we use water, we’re very simple.

8. What is her favorite hairstyle?

Zwi likes braided styles, I just styled her hair in a double layer cornrow look. When she’s not rocking braids, she usually requests Minnie Mouse ears, which are two big buns on each side of her head. She also just started ballet, so she’s been asking for simple buns lately also.

9. Your blog and content are beautiful! What made you start? How do you manage your time?

Thank you so much! I am always back and forth with blogging, I am trying to figure out how to commit to writing and sharing bits and pieces whether it be talking about something that’s been on my mind lately or discussing motherhood. Initially I started on Tumblr and was a part of the mommy community but soon after my daughter was born, I wanted to create an identity separate from that. Now, I just try to make time whenever possible to get my thoughts out there. I am in the process of creating a better content schedule and committing to my brand. From A to Zwi started after going through a semi-rough time and I was brainstorming all the things that truly make me happy. Motherhood is at the top of the list so it’s all about motherhood from A(me) to Zwi. ☺

10. What's the best advice you could give to a mother who wants their child to have healthy, growing hair?

Give it time to grow and room to breathe, and in terms of products, use what you can see that works specifically on your child’s hair. Semi-regular trims are essential in minimizing breakage as well. There was a time when my daughter’s hair was uneven and very sparse in the back. I told her dad I wanted to just cut it off and let it all grow at one length. I didn’t actually do it, but not long after, by just putting it in plaits or loose styles, it took off. I don’t believe in pulling it so tightly around the hairline or wearing the same style for too long in a row as I think it creates stress points in the hair.

Thank you so much Aspen for sharing your Blog and Instagram Stories with us. You and your daughter have beautiful hair and an even more beautiful family! I look forward to seeing your journey and the continued inspiration!

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  1. Thank you, Seymone for taking the time to reach out to me and giving me the opportunity to talk hair with you! :) Much success to you and Luv Her Hair!!

    1. You're too kind!! It's been an absolute pleasure! Thank YOU for the opportunity! Blessings to you!!


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