Love My Baby, Love Myself, Forget the World

August 9, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Any mommy up breastfeeding? ❤ Today I planned to take pictures showing this quick and cute hairstyle. However, upon finishing, my little angel wanted to be held. I attempted to put her down with her favorite toys but she wasn't having it. I was disappointed because I was anticipating to take a beautiful photo to display my hair, my "ta-da" ✨  But then, I looked into my angel's precious face and saw all she wanted was me. And she was all I needed.

You see, my cute hairstyle isn't about being pretty for the world. It's about feeling beautifully presented while being a mother to her.

Moms, hair is life because it's apart of our identity. No matter what style we wear-- sleek and neat, wild and curly or messy and choppy, love it and enjoy. Because our love of self, esteems confidence and exuberates our love, our motherhood.

For this quick and cute style:
1. Gather your hair in a tight side ponytail
2. Before securing ponytail with a ponytail holder, brush hair into ponytail and comb the end of the ponytail
3. Secure ponytail with ponytail holder
4. Divide a small section from ponytail and wrap it around.
5. Secure end with a bobby pen

Enjoy your hair. Enjoy your baby.

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