7 Ways To Get Curls Without Heat

August 19, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I've had a longing for curly hair! Curly hair guarantees and instant volume and let's not forget instant fun! There's so many way to enjoy curls. You can have tight spiral curls, loose, soft curls or big bodied curls that can be teased and heightened with your hands, a comb and your favorite holding spray.

Right now I have a silk press with my Glamour Wave extensions. The more heat I use to straighten my hair, it will lose its wavy texture. So I've found 7 alternatives to heat to achieve the curls we want.

1. Curlformers

I saw these babies one night while walking along Daytona Beach boardwalk. Little girls were sitting on the patio of their hotel room getting these Curlformers put into their hair. I told my husband this is the cutest thing ever, and judging by their attire they must have been apart of a cheer leading team. I wish I could have seen their darling faces and hair the next morning!

Curlformers are by Hair Flair. "The hair curling revolution started in the USA in 2008, when Hair Flair launched Curlformers. An innovative, patented and revolutionary hair styling accessory. Curlformers quickly became a phenomenon, as women and girls of all ethnicities, discovered that Curlformers offered an easy and fun way to create gorgeous, glossy curls, without damaging their hair." 1.

 Curlformers Extra Long and Wide 40 Piece Styling Kit via Sally Beauty

2. Soft Rollers aka Grey Flexi Rods

I love these rods and had a nice turn out on my first try.

This multi pack is a much better deal! I wish I would've saw these first. And the different sizes are ideal: use the bigger ones in the back of your hair and the smaller ones in the front. 

 Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods via Amazon.com
 Diane By Fromm 42-pack Twist-flex Rods via Amazon.com

3. Mega Self-Grip Rollers 

According to the reviews, these work great with added hair pins with no shampoo required.

Conair Think Big Mega Self-Grip Rollers - 9 Count via Amazon.com

4. Bantu Knots 

This works best on clean hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry if your hair is wet, for the best results. See my first try below

Click here for more details: Real Hair Goals

5. Tight Curls Perm Rods

Self explanatory right? If you want tight, small curls-- these are your go to!  

Conair Tight Curls Perm Rods 36 count via Wamart.com

6. Foam Rollers

Our mothers and grandmothers have made these a proven concept. For bangs and Sunday curls, these are the answer.

Foam Roller, 48 pack via Walmart.com

7.Large Perm Rods

I absolutely love these tangerine perm rods! (it helps that orange is my favorite color) When you see these, expect big voluminous curls! Use your favorite light oil and pull them apart and heighten them with a large comb or hair pick.

Curved Perm Rod Large Tangerine, 3/4 inch via Sally Beauty

If you try any of these, tag us or share below! Happy Curling!

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