Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil On Skin, Hair & Lips

August 27, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Coconut Oil has been linked to so many health benefits. Oil pulling for teeth, clear skin and softened hair. After nearly 3 weeks of using Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, I have experienced the following results. 

Daily Hair Moisturizer

Currently, I have extensions in my hair and the oil is light enough for daily use on my own hair, however weighs down my extensions.

Pro: Light enough to moisturize my own hair (kinky coily texture, type 4B) daily.

Con: Use on clean extensions only, dirty hair extensions with sweat, other products and your own natural oils from your scalp and skin will weigh the hair down. This gives your hair less body and movement and the appearance of oily hair.

Daily Skin Moisturizer

I use it for my children and myself. It moisturizes our skin with a small amount. I love the way it shines and lasts the full day, even with my jumping, running and tumbling boys.

Pro: Quickly eliminates dry skin, instant shine. I love shiny legs!

Con: It works well on my children, but a bad combination on my face. My face is already oily and the mistake of adding more oil has caused bumps and blemishes to my face (both cheeks).

Daily Lip Moisturizer

I wear lip gloss wherever I go (my absolute favorite is Oh Baby lip glass by MAC). From the gym, to the church and the grocery store. If not, my lips and surrounding area will look and feel dry --  causing me to constantly lick my lips to continue a wet-dry scenario. Using coconut oil has been a quick fix, flying out of the door to errands and food runs. It goes on shiny and softens and conditions my lips long after the shine is gone.

Pro: Penetrating lip shine, for long lasting, soft lips

Con: Lips are soft, but bare without color. My lip color is uneven (and Oh Baby is the perfect shade for my skin tone for a natural glam).

Overall, I love the product! It is a perfect natural, pure and guilt free moisturizer for my children's hair and skin. I recommend all moms to find a natural product you love and that works for you and your family. 

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