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5 Reasons Why Beach Driving & Parking Is ideal For Moms

July 29, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I love a good time and great food! We finally got to drive our car onto our local beach for great fun! We failed on our first attempt on account of high tide. This time we called ahead and to our pleasant surprise, our impromptu family beach trip was a go!

And boy, was it not the greatest amenity! Here's 5 reasons why Beach Driving & Parking is ideal for moms!

1. No guided or frantic walks with your children. Forget the parking meter fee, the $10 is totally worth the convenience and experience! Eliminating the long walk from the side of the road, parking garage or nearby lot is a win! No lugging beach essentials along, while still carrying your baby, child's hand, baby bag and book bag all at once. No worries about traffic or walking through crowds.

2. No beach accessories needed. While my husband was rushing us out the door. He didn't pack our beach umbrella and chairs and I forgot too! Because we parked on the beach, we had a totally different experience, sitting on our car and chilling out. It was a instant makeshift to get our baby out of the sandy wind. With the radio included.

3. Easy trash management. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly clearing our area while in use. Whether we're at a restaurant or on the beach. I'm actively gathering loose napkins, throwing away wrappers and water bottle tops. Eliminating the trip to the far trash can near the exiting ramp or chasing a flying piece of loose paper is ideal!

4. Personal sand castle space. We didn't have to worry about multiple people all around. Because there is one car on each side, people set up camp (a tent, beach chairs, tables, etc.) In front or behind their vehicle. So you can bet on up to two families/parties and little to no walking traffic.

5. Unforgettable experience. This was pretty cool. Come on, driving your car onto the sand with the ocean in view! It doesn't get any more cool than that-- in your car! Daytona Beach has a wonderful culture of family and fun and we are blessed to take part in it!

Learn more about Driving and Parking on Daytona Beach 👈🏾 here. Remember to call ahead to see if it is closed due to high tide. 

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Happy beaching!

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