Wife, Mother & Owner of Ellieandjune.com Let's Her Hair Down And Shares The Details

July 30, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Kristina / Behindtheboutique.com

Kristina is a fried pickle lover, wife, mother to two littles, blogger, and owner of ellieandjune.com.  A former investment professional, Kristina took a plunge in early 2016 to start an online clothing boutique that centered around women and young girls ages 2-4.  When she's not chasing around her two kids, working, or blogging at behindtheboutique.com, she can probably be found reading a week-old Wall Street Journal over a glass of Pinot Noir next to her husband.

When it comes to being a wife, mother and business owner, one must think how do you keep it all together? I had to get the deets on her gorgeous waves and how can I maintain such beautiful hair in everyday adventures. Well Kristina tells it like it is, being transparent, and enlightening us on how to be confident in your own strengths and weaknesses.

1. What is your favorite hairstyle?

Oh man! I love wearing my hair down and in loose curls. My hair is long, straight, and I have a lot of it, so styling it like this makes me feel the most confident and gives me the right texture to modify it and put it into different styles between washing days. This certainly wouldn’t be my favorite hairstyle for everyone though. I follow other bloggers who don’t wear their hair like this at all and they KILL it, every time, period. I love hair. Short, long, straight, curly. There is some AMAZING hair out there, haha!

2. How do you maintain your hair overnight?

Okay, so in all honestly on most nights I’m just brushing it and putting it up before bed. I definitely don’t wash it every day, more like 2-3 times a week. I have so much hair, and it takes so long to blow dry, I don’t think my family would ever eat if I did that every day. On nights when I shower before bed, I always blow dry it and put it into a bun of some sort. If I sleep with it wet, it’s SO lifeless when I wake up and it’s almost impossible to style. My hair needs product to style.

Kristina / Behindtheboutique.com

3. What are 3 hair products you can't live without?

I’d say mousse, a texture spray, and hairspray, in that order. For my hair, mousse is the most important thing. I put it on my whole head before blow drying. Without this step, my hair is dull and I have bad hair static. I spray a texturizing spray on the rest of my hair when it is dry, and rub it in almost like a dry shampoo. Then I style and finish it with hairspray. I use TRESemme mousse and hairspray, and a texture spray from my local salon. I suppose I should have listed a heat protective in this section, but I didn’t! Also I assume that we’re not including styling products here? Because if you’re dropping me off on a stranded island with wet hair and I have a date with Thor in an hour, I would have to take my mousse, my blow dryer, and my curling wand 🙂

4. Does heat and humidity affect your hair?

In higher heat and humidity my hair feels really heavy, oily, and my styles are falling out much faster. There’s nothing more annoying than a great style falling flat because of the climate; and there’s no recovery! I’d have to wash, dry, and start all over again in order to get it right. This happened a lot in the summers when I worked in downtown Boston. On the way to the subway I could feel my head getting heavier, and flatter, and by the time I got home it was a total stringy disaster.

Kristina / Behindtheboutique.com

5. How do you describe the color of your hair?

It’s really dark naturally. Kat (my stylist) tells me it’s a #2 if that resonates with anyone. I go back and forth with having it light, then dark. Most recently it was lighter all around, so we did a partial balayage to mix in some darker color. Right now, I would describe it as a caramel balayage. My color now is less maintenance because of the darker base color, so I win there!

6. Do you like curling wands? What's the secret to your gorgeous waves/loose curls?

I LOVE curling wands, and actually just started using them a few months ago. I’ve always curled my hair, but just used a regular 1.5” barrel curling iron. This is still the quickest way for me to curl my hair because I’ve spent years mastering the regular curling iron. I purchased my first wand from Walgreens a few months ago, and it has a cone shape from 1.5” to 1”. I love the wand because it distributes the curls differently and makes my hair look fuller. I divide my hair into three sections (bottom, middle, top) and curl away from my face. I hold the very end of my hair as I’m wrapping so it’s wrapping flat around the barrel at the top and it starts to twist around the barrel as it gets closer to my ends. I hope that makes sense. It definitely took some practice.

7. Is it hard to maintain your hair and take care of your babies?

Absolutely. I think that’s why it’s getting so long and thick because I don’t have as much time as I used to have to wash or style it. Pre-babies, when I washed it and curled it every day it really did damage on my hair. I never had any luck getting it to grow after a certain point. Now, like I said earlier, I’m washing it 2- 3 times a week max. I’ll usually curl it and leave it down on day one, maybe re-curl or wear it semi- straight the second day, and on the third, it’s always up. I’ve gotten away with up to three curling sessions with one wash before my hair was like “okay lady… wash me now”. Obviously it depends on the person. My husband goes a day without washing his hair and it looks like our kids poured a gallon of olive oil on his head. My scalp is much drier, so I can get away with washing it less frequently.

8. Do you find yourself trying new hairstyles?

Not as much as I should. Not even close. I see some women out there that are SO creative with their hair, it’s incredible. People are just so amazing and talented. I can curl mine. I don’t really know how to braid it or twist it. I just learned how to French braid. Yikes. But I keep pinning!! I keep pinning knowing that one day, I will drink enough coffee to be like “this is the day I wear a braid crown”!!

9. Has your daughter taken interest in her hair yet?

Awe, my Ellie. For a while there, not at ALL. She wouldn’t even let me tie it out of her face! More recently, she’s letting me try new things with it. She lets me practice braiding it for example. She loves to look at what I’ve done in the mirror, and she loves getting a reaction of approval from her Dad and me. About a week ago, the salon curled it for her and she was beaming! I love seeing that she feels beautiful. She’s so young that she’s much more obvious about it. She blushes, or she hides. I can see that she feels beautiful about herself. I love anything that makes her feel like that.

10. What's the best advice you can give to a mompreneur who wants to have a great family (productive wise), great business and great hair?

In full disclosure, I don’t really feel that I’ve earned the right to give that kind of advice to anyone, but I’ll share four things that I always remind myself. First, have a relationship with yourself. Be at terms with the person you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you offer. Whether it’s running a business or running a home, you’re at the center of everything you do, and your confidence in yourself is going to be the principal energy that fuels your future. Second, surround yourself with people who believe in you. The world is full of naysayers and you’re probably going to hear the word “no” a lot. It will be part of the journey to doubt yourself during those times of adversity and you’ll need at least one great person around you to help you move passed all that. Third, never be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re failing at anything, it means that life is difficult and it truly takes a village. There are so many people behind the scenes in every success that we marvel at. Whether it’s the success of a person, marriage, family, or business, there are many people behind it, rarely a single individual. Finally, be cautious about who and what you’re benchmarking yourself against. As humans, I think we’re always going to compare ourselves and our successes to others to some degree, so I think it’s a stretch to say never do it. This can be a healthy exercise as long as things are kept in perspective and the feedback is productive. There are no such things as a perfect person, marriage, family, or business, period. If you’re going to benchmark yourself against anything other than yourself, make sure it’s productive and not a personal attack on how you’re doing things. Everyone takes their own journey and yours is worth admiring in itself, trust me. Oh! And as far as hair goes, the key to great hair is confidence. Wear it the way you feel sexiest in, it all starts there 🙂

Kristina / Behindtheboutique.com

Thank you so much Kristina for your time and pure insight! You are so humble, beautiful and kind 💖 Be sure to stop by her online boutique Ellie & June and connect with her on Instagram or Behind the Boutique

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