Sun Splash Park

June 19, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

We finally made it to Sun Splash Park! It wasn't what I expected in a good and bad way. The plus was there were extra picnic tables along the park, right next to the beach. The con was we didn't get to see the splash effect of the park. However, the website notifies you the fountain is down for repairs.

The kids loved it and my hubby did too. We loved how close we were to the beach. We sat and ate our favorite on the go dinner-- pizza and let the boys play on the playground for a little while. The playground was right to the right of our picnic table so we didn't have to move.

The wind had our pizza box, the napkins and my hair flying! I was more so concerned with my nursing blanket flying off revealing my bosoms. I loved it though. Any challenge makes a great memory.

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