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June 12, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

My husband took me out on a beautiful date to what he researched to be one of the top restaurants in Jacksonville, FL, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. The atmosphere was so lovely with a beautiful view of downtown Jacksonville and the food and service was superb! (It reminded me of Top of Daytona restaurant in Daytona Beach) I was excited simply because he planned a full date for us, for my birthday in my hometown. The dinner was the ice cream on top (of chocolate chip cookies-- my favorite). 

I had a brand new white lace two piece midi skirt outfit that I never wore before. It was actually the outfit for my birthday last year, but once I learned I was pregnant I didn't not want to wear a sexy outfit. I'm conservative that way. While I would love to share the picture, I'm going to save it for my husband. However, I posted a picture of myself showing the top only. 

The perfect hairstyle to go with my sexy lace outfit was bone straight hair, tucked behind my ears. I loved it! It was so fitting. And lately I've been finding that the minimal style is so sexy-sleek-modern! Lol it's so refreshing to have a simplistic look that shows off your features, accessories and outfit. And your beautiful smile of course! And special thanks to my mother for watching our babies. It was hard to let my baby girl go. I'm getting better with my boys but my strong attachment is starting all over with my new precious treasure. 

See some of my pictures below.

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