Yara Shahidi And Her Mom, Keri Shahidi Rock Big Hair And Green Track Suits

May 23, 2018 by Seymone Brutus

via Yara Shahidi Instagram
How cute is it to see the ultimate #mommyandme photos from head to toe 💚 Yara Shahidi shares a bright, bold and beautiful photo on Instagram of her and her mom leading with big luscious hair and slim color block tracksuits by Tory Burch.

What I love most about it is, Yara Shahidi is 18 years old and is still opting in to match with her mom. You can't find too many young ladies doing that. 

Yara and her mom have different hair textures, but both are full of volume! Keri proudly rocks her fro-licious hair and proudly proclaims she has type 4C hair by using the hashtag in one of her previous Instagram posts. She even has a highlight titled "Them Curls" to share how she cares for her hair. 

I personally share the same texture and love to see how women manage and style their kinky coily curly hair.

Here's Keri Shahidi's Instagram Stories from her "Them Curls" Highlight 😍

Thanks so much Mrs. Keri Shahidi for inspiring Moms, especially with #4CHair ➿❤️

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