Michelle Obama Shares Childhood & College Photos With Curls And Braids

May 23, 2018 by Seymone Brutus

The beautiful Michelle Obama keeps on inspiring us with photos of her past and sharing her family upbringing, her first-time college experience, and how it shaped her life.  

I love her beautiful childhood photo in pretty pastel pink among her parents whom she matches her mother in the same color, endearing look and hairstyle. 

Their classic curls look like a soft rollerset, acheived with the pink and orange soft sponge rollers. How many of you remember those? 

During the summer months, I used to watch my grandmother every night, roll up her shortcut and tie up her hair with a satin scarf. Guess what, I found some! If you love soft curls check them out!

 Hot Tools Soft Foam Rollers

Get inspired, see Mrs. Michelle Obama's original posts below ❤️

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