Quick Curly Drawstring Ponytail For My Prayrior 365 Daily Prayer Planner Interview With WAPN 91.5

July 23, 2019 by Seymone Brutus

Since 2016 I've been all about natural, curly hairstyles! If there are no curls, it's a no go for me. Why? Because my precious 3-year-old daughter tells me she wants to do everything like me, including her hairstyle. It's so important to me that she loves herself and she loves her hair. Every time she looks in the mirror with a big smile after I style it and says "I love it!", my heart smiles! If we're not pressed for time I'll ask her how does she want me to do her hair. Her response is usually "curly ponytails". It's the cutest!

Yesterday, I had my 2nd interview with Word And Praise 91.5 radio station. The owner and host Shellye has been such a blessing discussing with me a special daily prayer planner I designed called Prayrior.

Two days prior I attended my friend's wedding and styled my hair in a frohawk with a drawstring ponytail. It was a quick decision because I didn't have time to separate the curls in a curly drawstring ponytail I purchased earlier that day. The results were beautiful! It's essentially how I would wear my real hair if it was just as full. My hair has recent breakage and heat damage from a recent sew-in. So I have that wavy ends thing going on towards the front-right of my hair.

Nevertheless, on Monday I had just enough time to brush out the curls with my Denman brush and get the bushy curly look I wanted. While I missed a few pieces in the front, it was so cute! Another hair growth goal of mine! Check out my hair and testimony of Prayrior 365 Daily Prayer Planner below!

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