3 Hair Products I Can't Be Without Right Now For My Type 4 Curly Coily Hair

May 9, 2018 by Seymone Brutus

If you would've told me around this time last year that I'd be wearing my REAL hair every day, I'd laugh and say yeah right. My life is way too busy to wear my own hair and it look up to my preference. Well, what was really my preference? Even my virgin hair extensions have changed from uniformed curls to wash and go's.

Right not I'm loving beautiful healthy hair and big luscious curls! Here are 3 products that keep my everyday high puff looking afrolicious!

1. Water + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Small Spray Bottle From Walmart

Every day I have to refresh my hair with moisture. My hair is absolutely thirrsssty lol and the sole ingredient water is better than any concoction. I add extra virgin oil to add sheen and shine to my hair.

In the travel/trial bins at WalMart, you can find so many helpful things-- including transparent colorful spray bottles that are absolutely cute and durable enough to use daily!

Here's similar spray bottles online at Target!

 via Target
This product is so thick and applies softly into my hair, and my hair feels like a cloud. I love how soft and moisturized my hair feels and it springs up like a cloud too! Don't apply too much or you'll have to wait until it dissolves. Sometimes I'm guilty of being heavy-handed, but it's nothing air drying won't fix. 

 via Target

There was so much hype around this gel. EVERY natural hair blogger was using it. I finally decided to try it and I've been in love ever since. It's not like the typical gel I remember using with my spritz updo's and genie ponytails. It holds my hair into place and still leaves my hair soft. I can use it daily to lay down the short hairs and create some baby hair action with my edges. The downside is it doesn't hold my edges down after a long hot day, but it does for my baby girl!

That's why I favor this gel so much, it's gentle enough to hold my baby's hair into place and it isn't hard, crunchy or drying at all. The makers of this have struck gold!

What do you use daily on your hair type?

What's your favorite product to hold your edges?

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