Naptural85 Shares Why She Stopped Using Coconut Oil

October 21, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

I was so excited to learn from Naptural85, a mom and natural hair guru, about why she stopped using coconut oil! Frankly, I jumped on the coconut oil train and had to try it for myself. I had both positive and negative experiences -- read Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil On Skin, Hair & Lips.

So I appreciate hearing from a former coconut oil lover, learning the adverse affects with her own hair and why.

It's true, coconut oil is trending everywhere. It's been accepted as a necessity.

But she shares how she dealt with dryness, low porosity, severe scalp and more. 

Watch her video below and learn about her reason and how she discovered what coconut oil was doing to the health of her hair. See if you identify with any of the symptoms. 

And see what products she's found to be free of coconut oil -- all new favorites!

Learn and love your hair!

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