How To Not Have A Bad Hair Day

October 28, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

Being a mom means having an unpredictable day. We comfort our babies in the middle of hair pulling, we dart to the car in the rain and we briskly walk a full mile from one end of the department store to the other, to take our new potty trainer to the bathroom. So what's next after having ruffled, wet or sweaty hair?

Pull out our fix it kit!

Every mom should have one! 

In most cases we have everything in our bags for our little ones. A change of clothes, finger nail clippers, a play pen lol. But we need to have emergency kits for ourselves. Sometimes we need fixing too! Here's 5 things to include for our hair. 

1. Ponytail holders
2. Comb
3. Brush
4. Bobby pins
5. Compact mirror

So no matter problem, you'll have neat hair in no time! Tamed and under control!

Happy Hair Days! 

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