Hair so good, a baby could color it

December 5, 2015 by Seymone Brutus

I had a last minute hair decision to make and decided to color my own hair and make a wig/unit. After watching my favorite hairnista, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply to grab all the tools I needed and the results were amazing! I was so excited to see the three tones of color, from dark brown to ash blonde! It didn't take special blending of the products or a special application process. Check out the tools and products I used below.

My First Unit, Supplies

To start, I took down my existing 3 bundles of Curl Wave, brushed it out with my vented hair brush and got to work! 

Brazilian Curl Wave
Brushed Out
Lifting Color Process
 And here are the results! PLEASE NOTE THE 3 TONES & HIGHLIGHTS!!! 

Shop some of the products I used for your own #DIY

Want more details on the coloring process? Read my post on Instagram below! Of course I was ecstatic to share!

I went out on the patio for natural light so you can see the colors, still no justice! It's sooo pretty y'all!! Like 3 tones, including highlights were the results on my top 2 bundles and my back bundle is the darkest, chocolate/medium brown. I used Clairol Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightner for dark brown to light brown hair and mixed it with Clairol Soy4Plex pure white creme developer 20 standard lift. I applied it to my back bundle once. I applied it to my top two bundles twice and went over my front top bundle with a toner called Wella Color Charm #T18 lightest ash blonde. I mixed it with the same 20 standard lift and added Ion Semipermanent clear for extra moisture and shine. Now ask me why I did all this?! I followed the instructions of the stylist on YouTube. I kept the Hair in bundles/ponytails as I applied the products. I opened the bundles during the second and third processing and covered the hair in foil. I kept dark roots by applying the products below the hair band only and I avoided lines of demarcations by moving my applicator brush and comb frequent in the area under the hair band. The toner lightened my top bundle gently and removed any brassy, yellow tones. The best part is this is my first time doing such a technical color process and I got amazing results that I didn't plan and my Hair reacted beautifully with no breakage, shedding or losing its texture/pattern! Now when I say no shedding, I mean when I comb my hair or run my fingers through it, no hair falls out of the weft, at all. However, if you comb curly hair without added moisturizer, from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top, you may find hair in your comb. This is true for your extensions and real hair. I hope this helps any Hair Luver wanting to color their Hair and see results. My Hair is so soft with body and I am so excited about what I can achieve! #LuvHerHair #LuvHerCurly #ShopLuvHerHair
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