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February 12, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

A lot of the time-- well let's be honest! Majority of the time! Women, including myself set their hair expectations way above the bar. Of course we can leave the hair salon like we're ready for our prime time photo-shoot, but what about the end of the day, or 2 days later or at the company picnic?

Let's be real! Let's set real hair goals! No we don't have a glam squad following us with touch ups and no we don't make 5 trips to the salon during the month. But what we do have is our hands and technology that can keep us ahead with the latest hair tips and the do's and don'ts that help us from making the same hair mistakes. 

Luv Her Hair imports 100% virgin human hair that hasn't been manipulated or processed to hold a hard curl or stiff wave. Like your own hair, you have to treat it with cleansing and moisturizing products in order to style it and maintain its soft steamed texture. If you straighten the curly texture often it will lose its curls. If you continue to comb your wavy hair without moisturizing products, you will not see the definition of the waves. And if you don't try some awesome overnight protective styling you won't wake up to a great hair day. 

One of my favorite overnight protective styles for curly and wavy texture hair is Bantu knots. It gives you a heatless wave and pumps up the volume without major teasing. For long hair I love to place two strand twists in my hair from anywhere to 3 big twists or 7 medium twists.

But one of my biggest lessons-- yes do keep your hair moisturized especially for a quick wet and go style! But don't hop on the flat iron or curling wand with soiled or dirty hair. Your curls will not hold as long and in places like Florida, the humidity mixed with hot tool-dried hair and oil will mix for major let down. Clean hair is great hair! That is the  for hair success. 

So ladies hold on to these keys to unlock your hair success
 always style clean hair with hot tools
 flat wrap straight hair overnight or comb straight back and secure with a long tied satin bonnet
 place two strand twists or braid wavy hair
 place Bantu knots or flex rods in curly hair
 use a light misting oil to spray on your hair daily or use a dime size amount to rub in hair after or during styling
 leave in conditioner is a must have for curly and wavy textures
 use heat protectant spray on hair before using hot tools
 if it calls for rain, rock a wet and curly/wavy style: mix leave in conditioner with water in a spray bottle and spray on your hair generously while scrunching your hair with a towel to pump up the volume and define your texture

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