My Hair is My Day

June 21, 2015 by Seymone Brutus

I am open to say that the state of my hair pretty much describes my feelings that day. I take the least amount of time or substantial amount of night prep to get ready for each day.

One of the things we must admit that, no matter what style we rock, it requires some sort of maintenence. Whether we wash and go, hydrate and tease, or smooth and shine, it is daily hair prep.

And then there are those days where I feel like doing absolutely nothing to my hair and squint as I peer into the mirror for a hair miracle! Has it happened? Yes. (My stylist curled my hair tightly with a flat iron and used a genorous amount of holding spray. I placed my Hair in a satin bonnet overnight. Viola! Slightly looser curls and great hair!) But not so often with my ever changing hairstyles.

What's the solution? No matter how your hair looks, own it! You can be messy and fierce on any day! It's all about shining from within despite if your head is telling you different! 

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