Tia Mowry Went From Beautiful Braids To Pretty Long Tresses Postpartum

May 19, 2018 by Seymone Brutus

One of the toughest decisions I've had approaching labor and delivery is how I'm going to wear my hair. What hairstyle will I have?

For my first labor and delivery, I had a sew in with straight extensions. After 24 hours of labor, I rocked a low sleek ponytail. It was actually quite uncomfortable laying back on my ponytail in the hospital bed. Second delivery, I had a protective style called rope twists. There were so beautiful and convenient. Instead of heavy braids, these light twists with extensions allowed my scalp to breathe and I happily placed my hair in a top knot while preparing to birth my second son.

My first baby girl was one of the most special pregnancies. At the end of my pregnancy, I went to Orlando to get my hair done in another protective style called faux locs. It was so pretty and gave me an opportunity to see how I'd look if I'd ever lock my hair. Unfortunately, this hairstyle was very heavy and bulky so my top knot repeatedly fell during labor and delivery. Nevertheless, my hair was neat and beautiful.

For my most recent labor and delivery, my 4th child and precious 2nd baby girl, she came by total surprise. My hair was not done or planned ahead of time. I wore my own pretty kinks in a top bun, however, I didn't have any of my hair products. Without my hair products, my hair tends to be dry. So water was my best friend and while busy, bringing an angel into the world, I never thought to tell my husband to grab some hair stuff.

This is why I LOVE seeing what new moms and veteran moms choices of hairstyle for their labor and delivery. It's absolutely an inspiration to see what works for them and what makes them feel beautiful.

Tia Mowry is such a sweet, transparent soul. I love how she shares tips as a wife and mother without the obsessions of Hollywood. Instead of a chiseled 4 pack days or even flat stomach days and weeks after pregnancy, she shares the realness of what everyday moms face after their pregnancy journey and giving birth to their sweet child.

How nerve wrecking can it be to worry about your newborn baby and a "sexy" physique. The #snapback is a real thing that people are waiting to see after every pregnancy. But the reality is that your size, weight, and shape should not be according to media's standards, but according to what you and your partner deem beautiful.

For example, after having my 4th child my body has changed immensely. I have curves and bulges I've never had before and my husband and I are excited and embracing every inch.

Motherhood graduates your body from a girl to a woman. And women should define themselves individually, not by an outside standard.

Thank you, Mrs. Tia Mowry, for always being such a beautiful example to look up to, encouraging moms everywhere to love themselves and find ways to manage real mother-hood. 😎

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