5 Tips For Thicker Hair

October 4, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

5 Tips For Thicker Hair

1. No relaxer, perm or bleach.

From experience, routinely relaxing my hair has kept the appearance of my hair to be straight, yet thin. Once I stopped applying a relaxer to my hair, my hair appeared thicker than ever! 

Chemicals from relaxers, perms and hair color bleach strip the hair of its own protein, demotes its elasticity and severely dries it. That is why all relaxer, perm and color kits include conditioning treatment and pH balanced shampoos to deactivate the process and restore and treat the hair. Notice all conditioning products are treatments, meaning no cure to the damage. You must routinely condition and moisturize your hair to maintain healthy hair.

2. Less ponytail wear.

A ponytail is convenient, but too much wear can continually pull and cause tension and breakage on your hair. Just think about it, stretching and pulling your hair back in the same position will eventually cause wear and tear to your hair, edges, sides and back of your hair. 

Prevent breakage and thinning of your hair by choosing a ponytail less and alternating the position of your ponytail. 
3. Less braids.

Braids will reveal your thoughts and dreams if they're too tight 😄 Cornrows, single braids and even twists alike cause tension and severe breakage if worn too tight and too often. In the 90's it was an epidemic to have tight braids. Tight meant neat. I'm so grateful for the health cautious culture we have today, for we are open to new things or just alternating the old. 

4. More nutrition.

Healthy, thick, long hair starts from the inside-out. The way we eat, what we eat and drink plays a large role in our hair and health. If you could start anywhere, start with water. Water heals, nourishes and replenishes our body. Not only will you look good, but you'll feel good -- exceeding any hair or outward appearance. 

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5. The right hair tools.

Using the wrong size comb or wrong type of brush on your hair will break your hair faster than any other hair mistake. Know your hair texture and pick your hair tools accordingly. 

And always, always comb your hair starting from the ends and then up. 

Bonus: Break from styles.

Being natural doesn't just mean having kinks and curls. Aside of being makeup free, be style free. Take at least two days out of the week where you just let your hair do it's thing and brush it nicely down or out. Whatever your hair does, let it be -- naturally. 

Less tension, less pull -- more hair!

Happy hair days!

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