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You Must Visit Your Local Library

July 19, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

When I was a little girl, the library meant reading time, computer time and printing. Now that has totally changed! The library now offers reading, arts, crafts, music and active play and dance-exercise! Surprised? Yes, I was too!! Such programs are pure luxury! There are dedicated professionals, with talented reading voices and compassion for children.

I begun taking my children to the library for activities in 2014. While we lived in Orlando, I pretty much traveled between 2 libraries according to the activities available for my children's age. Each event or program is for certain age groups. Each library has their own unique schedule.

When we moved backed to Daytona Beach, I took my children to the Port Orange and Ormond Beach library. I'm not sure which location did this-- but my favorite memory is music program, where the instructor sung and played the guitar for the children. It was beautiful! The children were joyful and dancing and the parents gleamed and sung along. It really was a great time.

And this leads into another great aspect of attending programs at your local library-- you meet other moms, dads and guardians! There's nothing more comforting to me in a room with other people who have the same situation. A busy toddler. There's no awkwardness, embarrassment or misunderstanding. We are all here for our learning and active child(ren). And you get to see a community of people who are caretakers, sharing the same job as you.

While we love all of the libraries we have come across an absolute favorite! The Daytona Beach Regional Library at City Island! The huge library is a beautiful location among landmarks, water views and tourists. Now this may be a con for others. But I love to be around tourists. They bring happiness and an expectancy vibe. Everyone is chilling, looking for a great time.

Inside this library the entire rear area is dedicated to the children. They have a beautiful sitting room, rows of book, an auditorium and my children's favorite-- a Discovery Center aka play room. There's nothing like it at any other library and it's filled with so many toys connected to STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) and imaginative entertainment!

To have free access to this is a complete luxury and hidden gem. I encourage all Daytona Beach residents and tourists to take part!

Here are some of the programs they offer:
1. Baby Tales Story Time
2. Jump & Jiggle
3. Lego Club
4. All American Variety Puppet Show
5. Storytime w/ Craft
6. Movie
7. Nintendo Wii
8. Cup Stacking
And special events like
1. Orlando Youth Circus
2. Crazy Paper Airplanes
3. MOAS Planterium
4. Healthy Herb

Click the link below to learn about upcoming events at the Volusia County Libraries. Select Children's Programs on the drop down menu for narrowed results.

Volusia County Library Event Calendar

Or google your county's libraries! Happy planning! 

Here are some pictures from our most recent visits

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