Same Hair, New Color 💁🏾

April 8, 2016 by Seymone Brutus

You have to understand how much money I used to spend on other hair extensions every month to appreciate my love for my Luv Her Hair virgin hair extensions! These days I'm rockin' red-- luscious raspberries red by Splat! It was impulse decision to do something sexy and sassy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

It was an easy bleaching and coloring, 2 step process with BRIGHT & BOLD results! It includes lightning bleach & oxide and hair color. My top 12" bundle is the brightest because it was the lightest. The back two bundles are a darker red, which I like because it tones down the overall look.

Because my hair was still sewn onto my wig cap, it was an easier process to color the hair altogether, versus separate bundles, one by one.

I styled my hair with a curling wand, while the wig was secured to my head. I sprayed thermal heat tamer protective spray by TRESemme on each section of hair before I curled it. It gave my hair a nice shine and prevented my hair from smelling burnt or otherwise being burnt from high temperatures. I used black styling gel to push my hair back and to the side. 

What are you waiting for?? Shop Luv Her Hair, pick your favorite texture and color, curl and style your hair, again & again! #DIY #LuvHerHair 

See my hair and the products I used below!

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